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Antica Botega del Vino Verona

Antica Botega del Vino - Restaurantbewertung von Nicole Allmann

Stil: Oldest Bodega In Verona

Adresse: Vicolo Scudo di Francia , 3 37121 Verona , Italy
Umgebung: Verona Zentrum

Telephon: +39 045 800 4535

If you are a wine lover you can’t miss the "Antica Botega del Vino", an institution for Verona citizens as well as for tourists. As soon as you walk in you will be overwhelmed by the lively atmosphere, the stunning interiors with the vaulted brick and wood ceiling and the smell of the most prestigious Italian and international wines. You can enjoy the fine dining delicious typical local dishes featured in the traditional menu, or just sit at the bar for a glass of the “nectar of gods”: everyone here is a wine expert, from the waiters to the owners, ask them and you will get the most exciting oenological journey ever. Prices match up with the high quality of food and wines, but you won’t regret it!

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Antica Botega del Vino, Verona
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