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At Ekstedt Stockholm

At Ekstedt - Restaurantbewertung von Nicole Allmann

Stil: New Culinary Experience

Adresse: Humlegårdsgatan 17 , 114 46 Stockholm , Sweden
Umgebung: Oestermalm

Telephon: +46 8 611 12 10

When Niklas Ekstet decided to put all his culinary dreams into practice, the childhood he spent in the sandstone of Jämtland and the timbered architecture of Skâne has left traceable prints on the way he combines, assembles and dishes the food. The true Homo Sapiens know by instinct the role food plays in life. By going to Ekstedt restaurant, the long time ago forgotten Homo Sapiens, wake-up. The guests of this restaurant come to experiment an entire new culinary experience. Their taste papilla simply screams of the pleasure of decomposing each flavor emanated from the Swedish crayfish, suckling lamb or backed apples. Here, at Ekstedt, the client is the one who dictates the rules. Only a true worshiper of the human taste is capable of caressing his guests with foods and dishes that challenge magic. The Scandinavian wood used in lighting the fire gives a specific aroma to each meal came out from the hands of one of the most famous chefs. Ekstedt restaurant simply carries its guest back in history. Making a reservation to this restaurant, the guest can live the unbelievable.

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At Ekstedt, Stockholm
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