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Anchorage in Alaska is the northernmost city of the USA that offers a wealth of natural beauty and a plethora of exciting adventures that people from all ages and all walks of life can take pleasure in all year long. Summertime activities include fishing for a king salmon the Alaskan way surrounded by stunning glaciers, hiking towards the top of any of its 155 mountain peaks, kayaking or boating by the lake under the midnight sun, appreciating hundreds of different blooming flowers, seeing lynxes, grizzly bears, wolves, eagles, moose and other wildlife, attending music festivals, and parasailing off of Mount Alvska to name a few. Wintertime is just as adventurous with skiing, ice skatng, braving the Nordic trails, dog sledding, snowmobiling, camping, ice sculpting, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. While the daytime offers a host of exhilarating activities, the Anchorage nightlife scene is also as vibrant with many bars, microbreweries, and dynamic music scene ranging from local native drumming to hip-hop and rock and roll.

Must visit Anchorage attractions include the half million acre Chigach State Park that offers a an overabundance of outdoor activities and breathtaking views of mountain peaks and glaciers, the historic Indian Valley or Crow Creek Mine, the Aviation Heritage and Anchorage museum, and the Alaskan Botanical Garden. Families with children should visit the Imaginarium, The Alyeska Aeerial Tram that shows a bird’s eye view of the city is a must try experience. Many planes are on stand by for tours and trips to nearby areas like the Kenai Peninsula. The American winter wonderland may seem rugged but there’s no need to rough it out because there are many five star indulgences. The culinary scene is also exciting especially with same day caught sublime seafood like Alaskan scallops and sumptuous king crabs.

People mostly think that the climate in Anchorage is mostly freezing cold but they do experience about a hundred days of frost free summers with average daytime temperature of 55-80 °F. Daytime temperature during wintertime averages at 5-30 °F. Best bring plenty of layers to wear and a raincoat to be ready for exciting splashy boat rides to rustic lodges in Anchorage.

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