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Dresden, the capital of Saxony state, is one of the most striking cities with glorious scenery in Germany. It also has a rich history having beautiful baroque architecture from the 17th century and Europe’s first porcelain factory from the 18th century. The bombings of World War 2 devastated the city but they have painstakingly rebuilt it and it is just as gorgeous today. Dresden, 128 miles from Berlin, is easily accessible via Autobahn and is a popular stop for people traveling between Prague and Western Europe.
Historic must see sights include the Burg Stolpen medieval fortress, the 18th century Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), the Residenzschloss royal palace, the gorgeous garden Grosser Garten, the Semper opera house, the collection of pieces starting from the 1500’s at the Green Vault, Annenkirche (St. Anne's Church) the historic old market square Altmarkt, the Blue Wonder bridge and surrounding shops at Schillerplatz, the fantastic view of the Elbe Valley from Brühlsche Terrasse, and the Zwinger palace which has a stunning porcelain collection. There are interesting shops and restaurants around the historic Altstadt but most of the locals recommend culinary and nightlife hotspots in Neustadt (New Town).   There are a good number of shops, trendy bars, lounges, clubs, beer garden and brewery, and various types of eateries (English, Turkish, Indian, Asian and many more) in Neudstadt.


The best time to visit Dresden is during summer when museums and galleries are open all evening and host numerous lively events. Remember to get a city discount card at themany tourism offices to enjoy perks at various museums, shops, and restaurants to make the most out of your visit to the lovely city of Dresden.

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Dresden Tips - Dresden, the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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