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The capital of Swedish Lapland and Norrbotten County, Lulea comprises a quarter of Sweden’s total area that’s a center for growth, spectacular landscapes, modern culinary, and extraordinary natural phenomenon. What’s more, Lulea unexpectedly offers the best of contrasting possibilities – the accessibility of international city atmosphere with the wilderness of unspoiled countryside, action-packed adventure with peaceful relaxation, and cold white winter with hot bright summer.


You won’t need a wooden wardrobe to experience Narnia again. Just an hour flight from Stockholm and you’re ready to explore the frozen sea of this 700+ islands archipelago. Skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, husky/reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobiling and hovercraft tour (where you’ll experience walking on a 30cm thick ice!) are just among the common activities during winter. But the most spectacular scene actually happens at dusk. On this side of the Arctic, a natural phenomenon called Aurora Borealis is witnessed. Also called northern lights, it is a majestic display of shimmering lights of surging colors, beautifully dancing across the black velvet skies.


Lulea summer offers a more relaxing atmosphere – hiking, fishing, canoeing, cycling, nature watching, and a cultural trip to explore traces of Sami civilization.  Another phenomenon is experienced during this season – Midnight Sun or night-less night, whereby the sun does not set below the horizon may it be day or night.


Swedish Lapland has four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The coldest winters are experienced January and February with an average temperature of -13.5°C. July on the other hand marks the summer month with an average temperature of +14°C.

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Lulea Swedish Lapland Tips - Lulea Swedish Lapland, the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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