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Before World War II Manila was considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Nowadays Manila is the capital and the second most populated city in the Philippines - right behind Quezon City. It’s a city of extreme contrasts: It can be chaotic, dirty, but also divine and gorgeous. It still has a unique culture, great Filipino & international food and you can meet the friendliest and most fun people in the world!

Being one of the world's most densely populates city, the Philippine’s Capital is a colorful mosaic of ancient cultural and religious influences that have had all the liberty to build places of worship. This religious tolerance is one of the key features of Manila and has spawned numerous architectural wonders, from magnificent churches to beautiful Buddhist temples.

Manila is also bursting with captivating museums that tell stories of the fascinating history of the Philippines as well as relaxing parks and plazas created to commemorate the country's heroes and important events. The most important one to visit is Rizal park, named after a national hero Jose Rizal. A trip to Intramuros, the city's oldest area, which is filled with landmarks, will make you feel like you've just travelled through time and perhaps space - it is the area with the most Spanish influences the city is famous for.

Experiencing Manila's nightlife will be easiest in Binondo, Ermita or Malate, the three main districts that offer a great variety of places to have a relaxing dinner or drinks in the tropical sun.

The city is named after a white flowered mangrove plant and founded 327 years ago by the Basque conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

Independence Day is one of the most important historical dates in the history of the Philippines, originally earmarked on June 12, 1988. It’s celebrated every year by Filipinos and observed as a national holiday.

Makati is the business centre of Manila. Its skyscrapers house most of the major corporations and many of big hotel-chains like Shangri-La or Peninsula.

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