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The city of Marseille is one of the oldest cities around Europe dating back to 600 BC when Vieux Port became a Greek settlement until it became part of France in the 1480s. Today, it is a lively city and one of the most vibrant, eclectic, and romantic must visit cities in Europe. So if you’re in the South of France, a ferry ride from Corsica or a short drive from St. Tropez is worth the trip to stopover in Marseille.
There are innumerable places of interest to visit and experience and it is best done by doing it by seeing places by city quarter. The Museum of Docks Romains, Fort Saint Nicholas and Saint Jean, and Museum of Marseille in Vieux Port; The Notre Dame de la Garde and Saint Victors Garden in Rive Nueve; The Maritime Museum and Fashion Museum plus the shopping areas in La Canebiere; Cetre Bourse shopping areas and the Hardin des Vestiges; The many museums in the oldest area of town where the Greek first settled in Le Panier; Alexandre Dumas’ Island of d’If; The museum of arts and Lonchamp Palace in Longchamp; and the scenic fjords at The Calanques. After immersing yourselves with the culture, history, art and the beauty of natural scenery and buying souvenirs, try exhilarating activities like diving and seeing Calanques ocean beds, sailing, fishing, kayaking, swimming at the beaches of Parc Balneaire du Prado, renting bicycles for hire, skating at the Marseille Skatepark, and checking out Marseilles’ famous Football or Soccer Clubs. Foodies and wine connoisseurs have plenty of choices for outstanding restaurants but visiting the well-stocked Mauson du Pastis to taste various tipple from the region is a must.     


Marseilles, being a cultural melting pot, also has a bustling nightlife with many pubs, clubs, and bars with eclectic music that ranges from jazz, discotheques, rock, pop and reggae. Those who are into symphonies, orchestras and operas would take pleasure in watching performances at Rive Nueve’s Abbaye Saint Victor and the Municipal Opera in Vieux Port.


Marseille has a moderate coastal climate that has generally sunny weather for most parts of the year. The best time for touring the charming coastal city is from Jun-Sept when daytime temperature averages 65-80°F.

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Marseille Tips - Marseille, the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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