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If you have heard of the Aegean, you have heard of Mykonos, Greece.  Tourism is the principle industry of this beautiful island in the Aegean. 

Famous for its nightlife, the Night Clubs of this city are truly awe inspiring.  There is also a wide variety of great Restaurants to dine at, Golf courses to play at, and boutique Hotels to sleep at. 

The best time to travel is in the summer, when most of the European tourists hit up the Greek islands looking for a place to party and let go. There are other tourist attractions in the area, such as the windmills, or the archaeological museum. 

Ship lovers will be especially impressed by the Aegean maritime museum which has a collection of artifacts related to boats in the ocean set several hundred years old.  There is also a special type of pottery named after the island which you can view being made and several places here.

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Mykonos Tips - Mykonos, the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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