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What is it about the beach that makes it a top holiday destination among stars and celebrities? Well, even ordinary people actually, the only difference is as to where and how much one can spend in a secluded paradise free from hustle and bustle. That’s why if the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ralph Lauren, Kate Moss, Robert De Niro, Gisele Bundchen, Simon Fuller, Shakira, and Mario Testino can be seen, it’s as good as saying that it is a premiere location and worth every hard-earned penny saved the entire year. We’re talking about Punta del Este in Uruguay, the equally self-indulgent counterpart of St. Tropez or Ibiza in the Southern Hemisphere.

Three towns nestled along 30 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline made up Punta del Este. Since most of its area is actually a peninsula sticking out into the vast ocean, tourist get to enjoy two shorelines – the “La Mansa” which is the quiet, calm part and the windy, surfer’s paradise, “La Brava”.  This glamorous beach resort town offers luxury all over – lavish hotels, casinos, yachts, and pristine beaches of course! Neighboring beach towns are also worth visiting like La Barra where bars, clubs, restaurants, trendy stores, and the popular Bikini Beach are located. Further up north is another hip beach town called Jose Ignacio where hotels and other establishments can be found.

Punta del Este is proud of its lovely summers and chilly winters due to its mild oceanic climate. Summer starts from November until March, with January being the hottest month. The season is at its peak during the Christmas holidays until March where wealthy South Americans and international celebrities chose Punta to socialize and enjoy partying all night. Rain is evenly distributed throughout the year averaging 1,010 mm.  July is the coldest month and average yearly temperature is 16.6 °C.

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Punta Del Este Tips - Punta Del Este, the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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