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Qingcheng Mountains in the Sichuan Province of China is a relaxing and mystifying place that is known for being the place where Taoism began. The majestic mountains have 36 glorious peaks where tourists can visit more than 20 stunning temples, palaces, and spiritual sites that demonstrate the uniqueness of Sichuan architecture. Other historical must see places include the Jianfu Palace that was built during the Tang Dynasty in year 618-907, the Tianshi Cave and the statues of the primeval leaders of the Han people, the Zushi Palace or Zhenwu Palace, the Shangging Palace built during the Jin Dynasty in year 265-420, are some of the ancient cultural spots that are reasons for Qing Cheng Mountains being made a UNESCO World Heritage and Cultural site in year 2000. The area also boasts of 72 small caves, 8 large caves, cascading waterfalls, and many streams that make up 108 breathtaking views. It is the perfect place to unwind while listening to the gentle sound of the birds chirping and taking in the astounding views that make you feel real close to heaven.

Qing Cheng Mountains is accessible via the nearest international airport in the city of Chengdu which is only an hour away by car. Many people who visit Macau and Hong Kong add a 2 hour flight and mountain resort relaxation trip to Qing Cheng Mountains onto their itineraries. The area enjoys a mild mountain climate but it can get real damp during the rainy season in Jul-Aug so the best time to visit is during the months of Mar-Jun.


Qing Cheng Mountains Tips - Qing Cheng Mountains , the best insider tips for vacation, holiday & travel

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