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Taipei lost out to Dubai in Summer 2010 as home to the world’s tallest skyscraper (Taipei 101), but the capital of the Republic of China has come a long way since its days as the last refuge for political foes of Mao Zedong’s. “Made in Taiwan” now means high-tech innovations like Quanta Computer’s iPhone, while cinematic exports win Oscars and top prizes in Cannes. Business travel makes up a third of all foreign arrivals, but that need not exclude the sybaritic pleasures of Taiwan’s famous hot springs.

The city of Taipei is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan. It is bordered by the Xindian River in the South and the Danshui River in the West. The Northern districts of Taipei extend North of the Keelung River and border Taipei ’s famous Yangmingshan National Park. The city is surrounded by mountains.

Taiwan has plenty to offer, from truly unique scenery to exciting sporting activities and colourful festivals, not to mention the most varied Chinese food on earth. Taipei has a long established reputation as a gourmet's paradise.

You may not be able to carve out time for a trip to Taiwan alone, but if you are planning a visit to Southeast Asia, the tourist authorities hope you will spend part of your time here. Taiwan compares favorably to Hong Kong and Singapore as the country is vastly bigger than either and offers far more in the way of outdoor adventures, scenic resort facilities and a genuine Chinese culture that has been
preserved and nurtured.
The two most photogenic temples in Taipei are the Lungshan and the Pao-An.

Two of Taipei's famous night markets are worth visiting, one as it is the biggest, the other because of its proximity to Lungshan Temple and as it is a little closer to the city center. The first, Shilin Night Market, is out to the North of town in the direction of the National Palace Museum, and here you will find thousands of food stalls, row after row, making for a nice moveable feast if you are adventurous or have a
Chinese-speaking friend or guide with you. Closer to other important sites is the so-called Snake Alley (Huahsi Street) Night Market, near Lungshan Temple, with a couple of streets filled with stalls and a few side lanes of restaurants, food and medicine stores. Animal activists have prevailed upon the government to forbid the former demonstrations of killing snakes in front of bug-eyed tourists, so that is now done only if you are a bona fide snake blood or meat customer.

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