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Whether you're dining at a bistro that just opened around the corner, or jet-setting to another continent and staying at some of the world's most luxurious hotels, or bumping and grinding with celebrities at historic parties, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with the WorldTop7 community. As aWT7 Travel Expert, you would be a dynamic member of our website who is privy to what's IN and what's HOT, plus you would be in the loop when it comes to going out and seeing the latest and hottest location around the globe. You can influence others in planning their dream voyage, tell everyone about the features you like at your favorite hip hotels, recommend the tastiest dishes and drinks at your favourite restaurants and bars, give advice on which golf courses are best for teeing, and when and where you have spotted well known celebrities.

Are you WT 7 Travel Expert material? Here's what we're looking for!

Are you somebody who moves around the glitzy and glamorous celebrity world? We value real people having personal experience and reviews to share. WorldTop7's believes that there is more value in reviews done by actual people you will get to know within the community than those done by strangers that is precisely why we are building this elite group. Having real names attached to real pictures, and being genuine in your exchanges and interactions are the most excellent way to really get to know others in the community.

The WT7 travel community is for people in film, media and creative industries:
You're a perfect member of the WorldTop7 community if you actively post reviews and if you're an avid traveler. Whether you are backpack trekking around the globe or haven't even left your own city in ages, your written reviews can help your fellow members plan ahead for their journey - from their dream holidays to their in-laws' next visit. WorldTop7 allows you access to insider tips that you can't find anywhere else, from a beachfront restaurant in Italy to low budget hotels in Zanzibar.

We at WT7 are family: and just like any loving family, you would be welcoming all new members with a huge smile and open arms. You give advice to other members; you share privy tips and information that make every fresh WorldTop7 member feel that they belong to this special group. You will also foster a spirit of camaraderie and be honest, fun, and awesome to interact with. We totally want you to be the cool uncle or aunt who comes over for Sunday night dinners who bring along a favorite celebrity buddy. The best way to fit is to be your usual cool and creative self in the WorldTop7 community. There aren't many rules set-in-stone or strict requirements to meet. Just have a passion for travelling, or be a media professional and get access to celebrity events. The number and frequency of reviews is one of the important requirements, but those not all that is essential – quality is of course as important as quantity. We would like all our WT7 Travel Experts to be a part of this hip family, therefore we make a point to carefully select and ensure that all new WT7 Travelers love to go on journeys, seeing places, enjoying the finer things in life, and are a part of our media professional network.

WorldTop7 is an all you need shop having one-size-fits-all items for all holiday and vacation wants and needs. You may think that all this has been done before (like on TripAdvisor and other comparison holiday sites), but we beg to differ because we are very much committed to exacting the best quality hotels, restaurants, bars, and total experience that scores no less than a +A in the glamorous and glitzy A-lister's Circle. We were not hired to talk up venues and we are independently owned so we get to select what's best in our discriminating opinion (and we're sure you would love our picks!). Forget about spending hours searching the web for the hippest places to be and the best tour deals because withWorldTop7, anything and everything you need to prepare for a truly unforgettable vacation is right at your fingertips.

WT7 Travel Expert F.A.Q.
Why would I want to become a
WT7 Travel Expert?

Apart from our perpetual love, devotion, and gratitude, there are other cool perks in store for our WT7 TRAVEL EXPERTS: You get to be recognized as member of a prestigious community surrounded by the most prolific, influential, coolest, and hippest travelers from all corners of the globe and artistic people who are in film, media and creative industries
What does it take for me to become a WT7 Travel Expert? Can I recommend my friend who is also an avid traveler to become a WT7?
We have our eyes wide open and our ears tuned at the precise right moments to be able to share the information with you. You are welcome to shoot us an email at if you feel you've been passed over or, even better, if you want to make sure we've noticed another member of the WorldTop7 community.
The world's A-List Locations?
Where to stay, eat, dance, party or play golf?
Our WT7 Travel Experts know outstanding hotels in cool cities, low budget wonders and celebrity hangouts around the world. They have access to cool parties and bring new tips from the people who shape the industry: models, actors, directors and other media professionals.

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