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Boutique Hotels & Design Hotels worldwide

Best Boutique Hotels worldwide
Book boutique hotels in Paris, Bangkok, Rome, Miami, Cote d’Azur, business hotels in Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, London or trendy restaurants in Los Angeles, Moscow, Milan or Beijing based on recommendations from models, actors and media professionals. Book celebrities favourite boutique hotels and best restaurants to last – minute prices.
Best Restaurants worldwide
Sate your wanderlust with a veritable encyclopedia of over 200 locations across the globe. From Athens to Zurich, WorldTop7's choice selection of over 3,000 hip & cool restaurants, night clubs, boutique hotels and golf clubs guarantees your itinerary will be never be empty of possibilities!

Search & Book Luxury Boutique Hotels, Best Restaurants of Celebrities

Tired of trawling celebrity e-zines and travel guides in search of the perfect getaway destination? Look no further than WorldTop7; the only online travel portal where the world's most unique, romantic and stylish destinations are influenced by VIPs. WorldTop7 collates only the very best tips and travel recommendations from the people you follow: models, actors and media professionals whose opinions shape our WorldTop7 Picks.  more

Whether you're seeking the delicious isolation of a paradise island idyll enjoyed by Barack and Michelle Obama, or a jet-set weekend of partying in LA á la the Hilton sisters, WorldTop7 - the Travel & Lifestyle Portal with the A-list Edge – just the best boutique hotels, top restaurants, new bars, coolest clubs & golf courses! 

Brain-child of a movie actress and international television executive, WorldTop7 strives to deliver what others cannot: access to exclusive getaway deals, influenced by media professionals, celebrities and VIPs. We search over 100 international portals to find you the most competitive hotel prices – often up to 80% cheaper than our counterparts, coupled with tips and shareable Travel Wish Lists to help you plan the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience. Want to know where the jet-set unwind after a heavy night of partying? Perhaps you'd love to dine in style at Johnny Depp's Parisian restaurant? However you envisage the perfect getaway, we'll facilitate your search to make it happen.

WorldTop7 is your one-stop-shop for all your vacation needs; we're as critical as TripAdvisor, as devoted to deals as booking comparison sites, and completely committed to finding quality boutique hotels as glamorous as the A-list world. Because we're independently owned, we get to pick what we like (and what we know you'll love)! Forget spending hours navigating the net for the best deals. With WorldTop7 everything you need to plan a truly unforgettable trip is right at your fingertips.

WorldTop7 covers over 200 locations around the globe. From Amsterdam to Zanzibar, it features choice over 4,000 hip restaurantscool night clubsgolf clubs and of course, boutique hotels. WorldTop7 guarantees your journey will never be short of great places! hide


Best Boutique Hotels & Restaurants of the World

Book a boutique hotel in London, in Bangkok, in Rome, at the Amalfi Coast, stay at a business hotel in Amsterdam, Boston, Munich, Manchester or have a great dinner at a trendy restaurant in Miami Beach or Sydney.

Celebrities reveal their favorite boutique hotels and top restaurants. And book these hotels at last-minute prices.

Find boutique hotels, trendy design hotels & restaurants of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, George Clooney, or Angelina Jolie in London, Paris or Lake Como as well Barack Obama’s favourite restaurant in Hawaii. Oprah Winfrey loves RL restaurant in Chicago or Lady Gaga is a fan of the Zuma restaurant in London.

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  WorldTop7 iphone city guides include information about the best restaurants, nightlife, clubs, bars & events. Have dinner in one of the best restaurants and party in... read more