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Lapland is a vast region that stretches out across four countries and its capital within Finland is a city called Rovaniemi. The city lies on the northern part of the Arctic Circle where the magnificent rivers of Ounasjoki and Kemijoki meets. Rovaniemi experiences not only 4 seasons that the rest of Lapland has, but 8 various seasons having different temperature, daylight hours, and gorgeous natural phenomena that results to a myriad of exciting activities. Dog sledding and riding on snowmobiles over frozen rivers and snowy forest during Frosty Winter, go ice fishing during Crusted Snow, watch the reborn of plant life as it turns into a Colorful Autumn in May, cruising or kayaking on the river during nightless nights and enjoying the Midnight Sun from June to July until the First Snowfall comes in late October comes to make way for Christmas tourist peak season when people from the world over come to gaze at the gorgeous Aurora Borealis and enchanting polar nights.


Going on husky or reindeer rides is of course a must try when visiting Rovaniemi and Lapland but one should never miss the chance to visit the humble abode of Father Christmas just 8.6 km outside of town. The infamous Santa Clause Village is where the whole family can meet Santa Clause, see Santa’s Post Office, and even peek into Santa’s secret workplace deep within the caverns of Korvantunturi Mountain. Other attractions in Rovaniemi Lapland include the Ounasvaara hill skiing centre, the eleternal flames of Jätkänkynttilä Bridge by Kemijoki River, the Art Museum, Korundi House, and the Arktikum Lapland Provincial Museum to name a few.


Rovaniemi is easily accessible by rail, bus, or by plane. Most flights come from Helsinki but there are also other international destinations like Murmansk in Russia. The Rovaniemi Lapland Airport is only 10km out from the town centre. A train ride from Helsinki to Rovaniemi would last 10-12 hours, while a bus ride from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport would take up to 14 hours

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