Travel Knowledge Levels FAQ
Travel Knowledge levels are a cool way to show off how well you know all the places you've traveled, all the celebrities you've met, whether its within your local hometown or on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean owend by Richard Branson.
How to Get Started
To get started, simply visit your favorite boutique hotel, best restaurants, coolest club & golf courses listed on WT7 - click on "write a review" and share your knowledge with the WorldTop7 community. When you add reviews, your knowledge level for that location goes up! Send friends links to your albums to help them plan better trips.


This is the very first level and it means that you are now a member of an elite travellers and jetsetter group. Hurry up and share your travel passions and unique journey experiences with us!


Staying in the background? You've seen all celebs but from far away... Your friends are waiting for more , so keep up the great reviews! 1 review (70 characters or more)


You shoot photos from the hip, and "travel-in-the-spotlight" is your middle name. Keep it up, there's a paparazzi in, you! 7 or more reviews (70 characters or more)

Production manager

You appreciate the cooler and hipper things a city has to offer, and you're on the lookout for more hotspots to recommends to your friend and your boss,too! 14 or more reviews (70 characters or more)


You are a storyteller who knows a lot of people. Be creative and tell your story in a whole new light to an audience who await your next big review.! You know the world's best locations better than almost anyone and hold on to your vision! 28 or more reviews (70 characters or more)


You are a Gate Opener with an understanding of the movie industry. You are the backbone of the WT7 community. You are the person that friend, peers and A-listeners go to for advice, whether it's the best restaurant or coolest hotel. 49 or more reviews (70 characters or more)

Oscar winner

Congratulations! You have the X-factor and are particularly glamorous! You are the person who knows the hottest celebrities, have seen unique places around the world and is considered THE expert in you creative field of work. 70 or more reviews (70 characters or more)


IPHONE GUIDE close close

WorldTop7 iphone city guides include information about the best restaurants, nightlife, clubs, bars and events. Have dinner in one of the best restaurants and party in the trendiest... read more