Anne Frank’s House is perhaps one of the most well known historical sites of world war two, and for good reason! There are plenty of reasons why you should venture from your Amsterdam hotel and make your way to Anna Frank’s house. Here we will include 7 reasons why you should visit.


1. In memory of those who endured under the Nazi regime

To read in the history books what it was like, you likely found it horrific, yet it is still extremely hard to understand. When you learn the stories contained within the museum, when you see the design of the house and how they hid in that attic and when you hear the tales of those who experienced the Nazi’s in the very place they occupied, it reminds you of how real people had to deal with the oppressive regime every day.


2. To fully understand what Anne Frank went through

We all know the story, we know the diary and many of us have read it, but to be in the place she called home, to venture from your comfortable hotel through the streets of Amsterdam with it’s beautiful design and enter the home where Anne frank and her family hid, when you learn her story again in a visceral way, it changes your perspective on what happened completely.


3.To see how normal of a place it really is

When you are there, you find yourself noticing just how normal of a place it is, you understand that this is just a city, a home, like any other, this is perhaps one of the most profound impacts you will find the museum has on you.


4.To keep the past in our memory

We tend to fall into the trap of daily life, you go to work, you go on holiday to Amsterdam and stay in your hotel and enjoy the attractions that the city has, but you must take a moment to understand that what happened here, in the city of Amsterdam, was a horrific crime against innocent people. We must remember our past in order to ensure it never happens again.


5.To fully relate to the family and the people of the time

Reading in the history books, you don’t really get a sense for this. But it cannot be forgotten that they were real human beings just like you or me, with lives and ambitions and hopes and people whom they loved. This will hit you when you spend time in the museum.


6.To tell the story to your descendants

The time will come when many of us are grandparents, and we will be the ones left to tell the story of what happened in this house, all the way back in the 1940’s. It will be our job and I believe this is a job we should take very seriously.


7.As a sign of respect

If you have ever read her diary, she was truly a remarkable woman in the making and to ignore what happened to her, to not take the time to show respect by travelling from your hotel to the house, you do her a great disservice. If nothing else, stand outside and take a moment, to respect her story.