Trip to the Belgium capital

Belgium is known for many good and several bad reasons. It is a haven for beer lovers. Belgian chocolate needs little introduction although it is likely that you haven’t yet tasted the very best. It is also the land of waffles. Belgium is a haven for foodies in general. It is thus no surprise that whoever plans to visit the country or the Belgian capital would first check out the best restaurants in Brussels.

Belgium is a country of castles. No other country in the world has as many castles per square mile as Belgium. German, French and Dutch, all three are official languages of the country. It is the only country in the world that has three queens and two kings. The Royal Palace in Brussels is larger than the Buckingham Palace. The country hosted the first lottery in the world. It wasn’t the French or the Americans but Belgians who came up with French fries. And Brussels is home to the Atomium.

Some call it the most bizarre building in Europe. Some go a step further and call it the most bizarre building in the entire world. Come what may and whatever you say, the Atomium is a unique structure. It is a building in the capital city of Brussels which was constructed for Expo 58. Before the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair when engineer Andre Waterkeyn worked with two architects, Andre Polak and Jean Polak, to design the Atomium.

Standing 102m or 335ft tall with nine stainless steel clad spheres of 18m or 59ft diameter arranged to form the shape of an iron crystal as it would be viewed when magnified by 165 billion times. So what is the Atomium actually? It is a museum.


Taking a break from your expeditions at the beste restaurants in Brussels, you should consider visiting the Atomium once. The museum has quaint enclosed stairs, a lift in the central vertical tube and escalators in other angular tubes. There are five habitable spheres housing exhibit halls as well as some public spaces. There is a restaurant in the top sphere and you get a panoramic view of Brussels.

As bizarre or odd as it may seem to be, the Atomium is a stunning display or architecture and unique aesthetics. Given the historical significance and the popularity of the Atomium among tourists, one may be tempted to say that bizarre is good.