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Aeolian Islands Best Restaurants

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Top Restaurants in the Aeolian Islands

Restaurants Aeolian Islands – What’s a vacation without excellent food, delicious cocktails or fine wine in a good restaurant? Such evenings create memories. WorldTop7 offers a selection of the best restaurants in the Aeolian Islands. And because we know how different tastes are we cover all of the different restaurant styles!

Whether a sushi restaurant in the Aeolian Islands, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine – the lovers of culinary delights come fully at their expense and find lots of insider tips. Our restaurant tips in the Aeolian Islands are by locals (which should know where it tastes best!), celebrities, globetrotter and business people. And if you’ve eaten in one of these restaurants in the Aeolian Islands where cuisine, service and atmosphere was unbeatable and you want to tell everybody – that’s what WorldTop7 stands for! Restaurants in the Aeolian Islands with the x-factor!

The demands in terms of restaurant style are naturally very varied and WorldTop7 is happy to assist. Whether it is a small, cozy bistro in Arosa with delicious and authentic food for surprisingly little money or a completely styled Michelin-star restaurant in Arosa where movie stars and models have diner – here you find everything from inexpensive to expensive, from grunge to classy, from traditional to macro kitchen!

But not only for your vacation, also for your business lunch or business dinner in Arosa you can find exactly the right place to eat. Thus, business become pleasure in no time!


Style: Italian Paradise

CapofaroThe restaurant Capofaro is part of the small and romantic family-run boutique hotel Capofaro Malvasia & Resort; surrounded by a Malvasia grapes vineyard  overlooking the sea; serving outstanding Sicilian food.


Address: Via Faro, 3,  Salina, Italy
Area: Santa Marina Salina
Phone: +39 090 984 4330

Price:Mains €15.- to €34.-

Cincotta Restaurant

Style: Local Dishes With View in Panarea

CincottaLipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli are the seven sisters cropping out of the Tyrrhenian sea about 40 km away from the Sicilian coast; Panarea is the smallest of the seven islands and hosts a great restaurant with beautiful terrace overlooking the sea at Hotel Cincotta, the oldest hotel on the island; Cincotta serves locals specialities.

Address: Contrada San Pietro, 98050 Panarea, Italy
Area: Panarea
Phone: +39 090 983 014

Price:Mains €9.- to €22.-

Il Macellaio

Style: Argentinean Meat With Antonio

Il MacellaioAntonio’s ristorante “Il Macellaio” (the butcher) is located near the harbour on a terrace overlooking the island; owner Antonio lived for 25 years in Argentina mastering his knowledge of cooking meat before he decided to go back to his roots; TIP: “scamorze di bufala” (grilled smoked mozzarella) and his renowned “bistecca alla brace” (grilled steak); €70.- per kilo….enjoy your meat feast!


Address: Via S. Pietro 20, 98050 Panarea, Italy
Area: Panarea
Phone: +39 090 983 033

Price: Mains starting at €12.-

La Rosa Dei Venti

Style: Mediterranean In The Garden

La Rosa Dei VentiThe restaurant La Rosa Dei Venti at the “Garden Vulcano hotel is set in green gardens and located less than 100m from Ponente Beach and Vulcano Port; also it is only a short stroll from the nearest black-sand beach; the restaurant is serving typical Mediterranean fare composed of local products accompanied by great wins of the region: Nero D’Avola, Glicine or Donnafugata.

Address: Via Porto Ponente, 98050 Vulcano, Italy
Area: Vulcano at Porto Ponente
Phone: +39 090 985 2106

Price: Mains €13.- to €31.-

Pizzeria Punta Bronzo

Style: Atmospheric Pizza With Crater View

Pizzeria Punta Bronzo

Stromboli – also called “the lighthouse of the Mediterranean” – is the most exciting of the islands as it is still an active volcano; when you’re hungry after a hiking tour on the  “the Scara del Fuoco” (trail of fire) take a rest at the foot of one of the trails; Pizzeria Punta Bronzo is a good bet with a spectacular ambience.

For a good Mediterranean dinner try Trattoria Gechi (Gechi, 98050 Stromboli, +39 090 986 213) near the harbour.


Address: Via Acquaro Antonino, 98050 Stomboli, Italy
Area: Stromboli at Sciara del Fuoco
Phone: +39 090 986 013

Price: Mains €8.- to €25.-


Style: Lunch In The Port

PortobelloThe most fashionable restaurant on “the beauty queen of the Tyrrhenian sea” Salina is located in the harbour and invites sitting on the terrace overlooking the sea and enjoy “pasta, pesce and dolce”; the perfect beach is called Pollara where you’re swimming under the overhanging cliffs.

Address: Via Bianchi 1, 98050 Salina, Italy
Area: Santa Marina Salina
Phone: +39 090 9843125

Price: Mains €12.- to €27.-

Ristorante Invidia

Style: Waterfront Lunch in Filicudi

Ristorante InvidiaFilicudi is a magical island about two hours west of Salina – seldom visited and blessed with crystal-clear water; waterfront eatery Ristorante Invidia serves delicious fish and pasta dishes like “spaghetti with seppia”.

Address: C. da Pecorini Mare, 98050 Filicudi, Italy
Area: Filicudi
Phone: +39 090 988 9998

Price: Mains €11.- to €27.-