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Dominican Republic Best Restaurants

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Top Restaurants in the Dominican Republic

Restaurants Dominican Republic – What’s a vacation without excellent food, delicious cocktails or fine wine in a good restaurant? Such evenings create memories. WorldTop7 offers a selection of the best restaurants in the Dom Rep. And because we know how different tastes are we cover all of the different restaurant styles!

Whether a sushi restaurant in Dominican Republic, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine – the lovers of culinary delights come fully at their expense and find lots of insider tips. Our restaurant tips in Dominican Republic are by locals (which should know where it tastes best!), celebrities, globetrotter and business people. And if you’ve eaten in one of these restaurants in the Dominican Republic where cuisine, service and atmosphere was unbeatable and you want to tell everybody – that’s what WorldTop7 stands for! Restaurants in the Dominican Republic with the x-factor!

The demands in terms of restaurant style are naturally very varied and WorldTop7 is happy to assist. Whether it is a small, cozy bistro in the Dom Rep with delicious and authentic food for surprisingly little money or a completely styled Michelin-star restaurant in the Dominican Republic where movie stars and models have diner – here you find everything from inexpensive to expensive, from grunge to classy, from traditional to macro kitchen!

But not only for your vacation, also for your business lunch or business dinner in the Dominican Republic you can find exactly the right place to eat. Thus, business become pleasure in no time!

El Conuco

Style: Down-home Dominican Cooking Visited By Brad Pitt

El ConucoIf you are looking for that real Dominican restaurant, this is it, the food is traditional, served this way for centuries. Restaurant El Conuco is very relaxed and casual, this is the place to go with the kids, or with a large group of friends.

Everyone here is family, the staff are very out going, friendly, and extremely helpful. There are even live dancers performing that help keep the atmosphere exciting and fun. If you are stuffy, you won’t like it here, because it’s possible that one of the dancers will get you up to join them dancing around the restaurant!

They offer in door (air conditioned) and out door (patio) seating, depending on the day and time, you should try sitting outside, it’s simply beautiful. The food here is home cooked Dominican, if you are in an adventurous mood you might want to try the goat, or the most popular option by far is their buffet, it is a great way to sample a lot of new foods, and foods you won’t find anywhere else.

Reservations are a good idea, but not a must. Opens at 12pm daily.


Address: Calle Casimiro de Moya, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Area: Santo Domingo
Phone: +1809 686 0129

La Briciola

Style: Celebrity Italian Restaurant

La BriciolaThe idea, or rather dream, behind La Briciola, was to create a classic restaurant with national cuisine in Santo Domingo, which is a dream they have accomplished.

The building housing La Briciola was found in the heart of Colonial City, and is an exqusite example of 17th century architecture. Known for its fine details and romantic atmosphere, this place it a great choice for a romantic dinner for two, you’ll really impress a date by coming here.

This restaurant will also play host to a multitude of events and concerts, every Friday night various jazz musicians play, or you could reserve the restaurant for your wedding reception. The entire restaurant is stunning, designed to feel like you are in an enchanted garden, or a beautiful Spanish vineyard. The service here is well above par, and the food is exciting and different. Reservations are advised.

Lunch is Mon – Sat 12pm – 3pm and dinner starts at 7pm.

Address: Ristorante la Briciola, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic
Area: Santo Domingo
Phone: +1809 688 5055

Lucia and Verandah

Style: Caribbean Continental, Asian Fusion

Lucia and VerandahBoth of these restaurants are located inside the exquisite and ultra luxurious Casa Colonial Hotel, which is the areas most upscale hotel. Accordingly, both of these places are extremely elegant and sophisticated. Chef Rafael Vasquez is responsible for making both such huge successes, he has an earthy yet elegantly refined style, and this is why he is the country’s most celebrated chef.

The restaurants are sort of twins, but like good vs evil twins, with La Verandah being light, everything here was designed for showcasing the beauty of the Dominican day, the bright blue sky and the sunlight streaming in, whereas Lucia is all about the night life, it’s darker, more romantic design is perfect for your next dinner date. Service and food at both of the gorgeous restaurants, is exactly what you’d hope for in such high class establishments.

Reservations are required, so if you have any desire to dine at either place, call well in advance to make your reservation. La Verandah is open daily at 11:30am, and Lucia opens daily at 6pm.


Address: Casa Colonial Hotel, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Area: Puerto Plata
Phone: +1809 320 3232

Meson de la Cava

Style: Romantic Seafood in Santo Domingo

Meson de la CavaMeson de la Cava is a long standing restaurant, first opening its doors in 1967, and has been looked at as one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the Dominican.

The most unique thing about this restaurant is that it is located in side of a natural limestone cave that was created from the waves crashing against the rock and slowly eroding away into a cave.

You might be interested to know that all sorts of historical artifacts were found when they were constructing the restaurant, like weapons that would have belonged to pirates that used the cave as shelter. With such an interesting and cool location, it’s hard not to want to visit just to have a look around.

The owners have done a great job using what nature gave them and working with it and not against it, to create a very beautiful restaurant. The food here is outstanding, some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever have the privilege of eating, and definitely the coolest place to eat it in. Reservations are a great idea if you want to dine here.

Lunch is 12pm – 4pm, with dinner starting at 6pm daily.

Address: Av. Mirador Sur #1, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Area: Santo Domingo
Phone: +1809 533 2818


Style: Eclectic Hot Spot

Sophia'sOne of the newest hot spots in the Dominican is Sophia’s, with its upscale, elegant, and glossy decore, it’s sure to continue on the path of success. Located in the heart of the stylish Naco/Piantini District.

The decor inside is reminiscent of a trendy and hip bistro in Barcelona , very modern and angular design, using dark midnight blue, black, and white, mixed with stunning dark cherrywood. This is the kind of restaurant you take a first date on if you want to really impress her, it’s very sexy and sleek. Service here is excellent, waiters take great care of all your needs. As for the food, well, let’s just say that it’s divine! Absolutely delectable, all the dishes are well crafted and cooked to perfection.

Some of the most popular dishes would be roasted rack of lamb, Chinese rock shrimp with orange, risotto with mixed mushrooms, the sea bass, sushi, and Thai style noodle, just to name a few. If you and your date are really feeling in the mood, there is a dance floor in the middle of the dining room, so you can dance the night away in romantic bliss. Opens daily at 12pm, reservations are highly recommended.

Address: 19 pasep de los locutores, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Area: Santo Domingo
Phone: +1809 620 1001