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Lima Best Restaurants

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Top Restaurants in Lima

Restaurants Lima – What’s a vacation without excellent food, delicious cocktails or fine wine in a good restaurant? Such evenings create memories. WorldTop7 offers a selection of the best restaurants in Lima. And because we know how different tastes are we cover all of the different restaurant styles!

Whether a sushi restaurant in Lima, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine – the lovers of culinary delights come fully at their expense and find lots of insider tips. Our restaurant tips in Lima are by locals (which should know where it tastes best!), celebrities, globetrotter and business people. And if you’ve eaten in one of these restaurants in Lima where cuisine, service and atmosphere was unbeatable and you want to tell everybody – that’s what WorldTop7 stands for! Restaurants in Lima with the x-factor!

The demands in terms of restaurant style are naturally very varied and WorldTop7 is happy to assist. Whether it is a small, cozy bistro in Lima with delicious and authentic food for surprisingly little money or a completely styled Michelin-star restaurant in Lima where movie stars and models have diner – here you find everything from inexpensive to expensive, from grunge to classy, from traditional to macro kitchen!

But not only for your vacation, also for your business lunch or business dinner in Lima you can find exactly the right place to eat. Thus, business become pleasure in no time!

Astrid & Gaston

Style: Delightful Haute Peruvian Fare

Astrid & GastonAstrid & Gaston Restaurant is named from the two excellent chefs that founded the eatery more than 20 years ago – Astrid Gursche and Gaston Acurio. This exquisite high-class eatery is their first of many that are located on different parts of the globe (New York, Madrid , Santiago and San Francisco to name a few) and it ranks highly among the 50 best restaurants in the world. Why so? Primarily because of the exquisite inventive Peruvian cuisine and also the inspiring and elegant touches that make dining here a one of a kind culinary experience like having lovely leather boxes that present the menu, eye catching plates that are artworks by themselves, soothing music playing in the background that makes digesting even more enjoyable. Colourful modern artworks on the walls, an open kitchen, and a private wine salon room (ideal for business or special occasions) add to the pleasing aesthetics.

The menu features Peruvian fare with Mediterranean and Italian influences with dishes like the modern version of succulent roast sucking pig paired with dacu-tacu, spring rolls that have spicy rabbit filling, guinea pig taco, and crunchy oysters with robado fish in miso sauce.

Astrid & Gaston Restaurant is truly a must when in Lima. They are open Mon – Sat for lunch 12:30pm – 3:30pm and for dinner from 7:30pm until midnight.


Address: Cantuarias 175, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: +51 242 5357

Price: PEI 38 – PEI79 main course

El Mercado

Style: Fantastic Peruvian Cuisine Lunchspot

El MercadoEl Mercado Restaurant in the trendy Miraflores district of Lima is the latest eatery by famous restaurateur and Chef Rafael Osterling (of Rafael restaurant in Bogota and Lima).  The restaurant has a bright and cheery ambiance with its skylight that lets natural light in that is perfect for business lunch or brunch meeting with amigas clad in designer bags and haute clothing. There’s also outdoor seating by the lush courtyard.

The menu pays tribute to classical Peruvian cuisine given refreshingly modern interpretations infused with flavours from the east and west inspired by the chef’s many travels. Their ceviche is of course a must try along with dishes like scallops frittata, hamburguesa de lomo (hamburger with char grilled sir loin), and tradito Nikkei (yellow fin tuna infused with Japanese flavours).

El Mercado is open from Tue – Sun from 12:30pm until 5pm.

Address: Hipolito Unanue 203, distrito de Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: + 51 221 1322

La Gloria

Style: Sophisticated Mediterranean Fine Dining

La GloriaLa Gloria Restaurant in the trendy Miraflores gourmet scene in Lima is an iconic culinary destination where many renowned Peruvian chefs started their careers under the apprenticeship of skillful chef Luis Alberto Sacilotto and his business partner Oscar Velarde.

Set in a historic mansion just a short stroll from Parke Kennedy, the interior of La Gloria is in fact glorious having many framed images and abstract paintings and fresh flowers that contrasts the crisp white linens and the cream coloured walls. The very classy restaurant has an air of sophistication yet it is not stuffy and that is why most of the patrons come here for business power lunches by the covered terrace, romantic dinners and cultural special occasion celebrations.

The menu offers international fare specializing in Catalan cuisine with dishes like Suquet de Peix or steamed herbed fish, grilled octopus, black budding in manioc puree, homemade linguini, and sea bass capriccio infused with ginger. The drink list features Argentinean, Chilean, and Spanish wines.

La Gloria is open for lunch Mon-Sat from 1pm – 4pm and dinner from 8pm until midnight. Calling ahead to make reservations is advised.


Address: Atahualpa 201, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: +51 446 6504

La Gloria del Campo

Style: Countryside Open-air Rustic Restaurant

La Gloria del CampoLa Gloria del Campo is a great open air eatery in a bucolic atmosphere, just 30 minutes away by car from downtown Lima. Just like its sister restaurant owned by chef Luis Alberto Sacilotto and his business partner Oscar Velarde – La Gloria in Miraflores downtown Lima, it is considered as a culinary icon. The spacious open air elevated nipa-hut setting provides panoramic views of the river and the surrounding countryside. Diners sit on long wooden tables and benches making them feel like having an outdoor picnic in Pachacamac village. The scent of delicious food cooking in big ovens and furnaces are so enticing.

The menu features baked Peruvian specialties like sausages, succulent roasted piglets with sinfully delicious crackling crispy skin, homemade pudding, other juicy grilled meats and vegetables harvested from their own garden.

La Gloria del Campo is open on Tue – Sun from noon until 6pm.

Address: Calle 7, cerca de Alameda del Caballo de Paso, Pachacamac, Peru
Area: Pachacamac
Phone: +51 231 2250

La Plazita

Style: Fantastic Casual Italian Outdoor Eatery

La PlazitaLa Plazita is a vibrant outdoor restaurant owned by Chef Diego Sarmiento and Coque Ossio. The ambiance here is light and cheerful and it it’s a great outdoor lunch venue for Business lunches or brunch meeting with friends. At night, it is a place where yuppies and hard working business people drop by for a convivial evening meal and drinks.  The laid back eatery specializes in classical Italian fare and Latin American flavours.  Pizzas, pasta, charcuterie with prosciutto and chorizo, refreshing salads, tasty paninis and sandwiches, risotto, lomo saltado, and pepper steak are just some of the many delightful food offerings. They also offer a decent selection of wines.

La Plazita is open on Tue – Sat from 12:30pm – midnight and on Mondays from 7pm – midnight.

Address: San Fernando 380 (Vasco Nunez de Balboa), Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: +51 981 112 267

La Rosa Nautica

Style: Stunning Seaside Restaurant

La Rosa NauticaLa Rosa Nautica Restaurant near pier 4 in the Miraflores district of Lima is a must visit seaside restaurant.  Many famous celebrities, foreign dignitaries and even royals (like the King of Spain) have expressed their delight in their seaside seafood experience here since it opened in 1983.

The ambiance here is captivating not just because of the tantalizing ocean views that can be seen through the big glass windows or from the terraces, but also because of the restaurant décor. The spacious restaurant has four dining areas including private rooms that are ideal for intimate gatherings, business meetings, and romantic candle lit dinners. You can even watch surfers riding the waves in the day time or come before sundown for the magnificent sunset view. Live music entertainment during weekends nights make dining here even more pleasurable.

The menu features fresh seafood and traditional Peruvian dishes. Arroz con pato a la chiclayana (duck in black beer stew with cilantro), roasted suckling pig, grilled caught on the same day seafood, ceviche espigon, chalaca style tiradito, and octopus carpaccio are just some of the excellent dishes recommended.

La Rosa Nautica is open daily for lunch and dinner. Restaurant hours may vary so best call ahead to inquire and to make reservations.

Address: Espigon 4 Circuito de Playas, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: +51 1 447 0057


Style: Stunning Japanese Peruvian Fusion Cuisine

Osaka Lima

Osaka Restaurant in San Isidro Lima celebrated its 11th year anniversary last Dec 2013 proving to be a Peruvian culinary icon. The San Isidro location is the first Osaka in Peru and they also have branches in several other cities around the world like Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires. Osaka specializes in Nikkei Cuisine which is basically the marriage of Peruvian Creole cooking with Japanese techniques and flavours.

Gold and black colours dominated the classy Japanese themed interiors of the stylish restaurant where the hip crowd and elites congregate for excellent meals and delightful sushi. They also have two private areas ideal for small get togethers and business meals. Finely cut ceviche, flavourful tirades, fresh sashimi, and clever sushi combinations are just some of the delightful offerings. The grilled seafood dish called udon batayaki and the paiche pot are also a must try.

Osaka takes diners on a unique gastronomic adventure from Mon – Sat for lunch from 12:30pm – 4pm and dinner from 7:30pm – 11:30pm.

Making reservations a few days in advance is advised.

Address: Conquistadores 999, San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Area: San Isidiro
Phone: +51 1222 0405

Rafael Lima

Style: Chic and Stylish Peruvian Lunch & Great Cocktails

Rafael LimaRafael Restaurant in Miraflores district of Peru is the very first restaurant (there is also a Rafael Restaurant in Bogota) by famous chef and restaurateur Rafael Osterling. The petite 15 table eatery set in a 1940’s Republican mansion has light and modern interiors highlighted with abstract images on the walls. The fabulous menu offers Peruvian favourites with Mediterranean and Asian influences inspired by the chef’s travels. Dishes like lomo saltado with pisco and rice vinegar, tagliatelle with black truffles, grilled fish with shitake mushrooms, and spring rolls with foie gras are just some of the clever and inventive fusion offerings. Their wine selection is also commendable.

Expect to see the elites and who’s who in town having leisurely lunches and indulgent dinners. Make sure to book ahead days in advance. Rafael Restaurant is open Mon – Fri for lunch from 1pm – 3pm and dinner from 8pm – 11pm and on Saturdays for dinner only from 8pm until midnight.

Address: : San Martin 300, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Area: Miraflores District
Phone: +511 242 4149