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Mexico City Best Restaurants

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Top Restaurants in Mexico City

Restaurants Mexico City – What’s a vacation without excellent food, delicious cocktails or fine wine in a good restaurant? Such evenings create memories. WorldTop7 offers a selection of the best restaurants in Mexico City. And because we know how different tastes are we cover all of the different restaurant styles!

Whether a sushi restaurant in Mexico City, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine – the lovers of culinary delights come fully at their expense and find lots of insider tips. Our restaurant tips in Mexico City are by locals (which should know where it tastes best!), celebrities, globetrotter and business people. And if you’ve eaten in one of these restaurants in Mexico City where cuisine, service and atmosphere was unbeatable and you want to tell everybody – that’s what WorldTop7 stands for! Restaurants in Mexico City with the x-factor!

The demands in terms of restaurant style are naturally very varied and WorldTop7 is happy to assist. Whether it is a small, cozy bistro in Mexico City with delicious and authentic food for surprisingly little money or a completely styled Michelin-star restaurant in Mexico City where movie stars and models have diner – here you find everything from inexpensive to expensive, from grunge to classy, from traditional to macro kitchen!

But not only for your vacation, also for your business lunch or business dinner in Mexico City you can find exactly the right place to eat. Thus, business become pleasure in no time!


Style: Tapas & Snacks in Mexico City

CapicuaCapicua is a bar, a cafe and a nightclub; Spanish influenced interior; serves tapas and snacks; popular with the after-work crowd and Mexican City fashionistas.


Address: Calle Nuevo Leon 66, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Colonial Condesa
Phone: +52 55 5211 5280

Price: US$ 5.- to US$ 15.-


Style: Seafood Place

ContramarThis place is known for its delicious and authentic seafood; located a little bit away from Condesa’s central restaurant zone; businessmen and fashionable crowd; only open for lunch!

Address: Durango 200, Roma, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Colonial Condesa
Phone: +52 55 5514 9217

Price: US$ 12.- to US$ 21.-

El Cardenal

Style: Old School Cantina & 40 different Breakfast Eggs

El CardenalOld school cantina serving great food. They create breakfast eggs in 40 different ways! Try escamoles, which are sort of a Mexican caviar equivalent. Comiendo con los ojos y el paladar! (Eating with the eyes and full mouth!).  In free translation, this sentence really sums up the entire Mexican culinary culture.  Tortillas, gazpacho, escamoles, and tacos, all make us think about the Mexican spices and unique taste we’ve come to love. El Cardenal receives its guests in a traditional but elegant atmosphere, being perfect for all types of occasions. The historical ambiance given by the pictures and the colors used in decorating the walls makes you enter the Mexican world.

This restaurant gains the loyalty of its clients through the attention the chefs working here give to the cooking process. The ingredients are unique, and the creation of dishes is an excellent fusion between tradition and modern tastes. More than just the hunger for food, El Cardenal and its cuisine, wakes up the hunger for exploring the history of this amazing culture.


Address: Palma 23, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Palma 23
Phone: +52 55 21 30 80

Hacienda de Los Morales

Style: International  & Mexican Restaurant

Hacienda de Los MoralesColonial hacienda atmosphere offering international and Mexican dishes; dark wooden furnishings, stone columns and brick ceilings; it’s a place to be seen, to entertain and to enjoy.

Address: Vazquez de Mella 525 col. de Bosque , Polanco, Mexico City, Meixco.
Area: Polanco
Phone: +52 55 5283 3054

Price: US$ 20.- to US$ 40.-


Style: Mexican & Spanish Restaurant

LammImpressively designed restaurant in Colonia Roma which features a cultural center, gallery and a book store with focus on Latin American books; fantastic garden.

Address: Calle Alvaro Obregon 99, Roma, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Colonial Condesa
Phone: +52 55 5514 8501

Price: US$ 14.- to US$ 35.-


Style: Mexican Restaurant

PujolEnrique Olvera serves innovative Mexican fare; casual and warm atmosphere; a la carte or 5-/9-course tasting menu.

Address: Francisco Petrara 254, Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Polanco
Phone: +52 55 5545 3507

Price: Menu US$ 55.-

San Angel Inn

Style: South American Eatery

San Angel InnPosh restaurant in a “17th Century colonial hacienda”; musical trio plays local tunes; looks a little bit like a museum; many business people as well as tourists, so you probably just have a drink in the relaxing garden patio.

Address: Diego Rivera no.50 y Altavista, Mexico City, Mexico
Area: Altavista
Phone: +52 55 5616 1402

Price: US$ 12.- to US$ 29.-