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Aeolian Islands Design Hotels

Design and Boutique Hotels Aeolian Islands

Design Hotel Aeolian Islands – WorldTop7 presents Aeolian Islands’ best boutique hotels that are arty, hip as well as trendy! Our selection of cool accommodations in the Aeolian Islands are full of sophistication and style having hip and modern contemporary design and décor.

Most of our recommended design resorts in the Aeolian Islands have the charm of old incorporated with trendy designs. This creates a whole new level of style and comfort. Furthermore most of our boutique hotels feature exclusive spa treatments, swimming pools and modern fitness facilities.

As a result our trendy and new hotel suggestions for the Aeolian Islands have the world’s most skilled and innovative contemporary cuisine. The modern design will surely fascinate both the sense of sight and taste.

Design Hotels Aeolian Islands

Hotel Signum

Hotel Signum Aeolian Islands Italy

Hotel Signum Hotel Signum situated on Salina island represents a fragrant and colourful escape resort in the middle of Aeolian

From $ 164 per night

Hotel Oasi Panarea Aeolian Islands Italy

Hotel Oasi Panarea If you are on a lower budget, you still have the chance of a stylish stay in

From $ 93 per night
Hotel Quartara

Hotel Quartara Aeolian Islands Italy

Hotel Quartara Panarea is the smallest island of the Aeolian and successfully follows a politic of “no cars”: all transports

From $ 233 per night